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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hong Kong Heaven's Here

Ah! Everyone loves alliteration! Anyways, this morning I was blessed with a slice of pie that made my heart skip a beat in the form of a new trailer for "The Forbidden Kingdom." I like Jackie Chan. I like Jet Li. For me, "Drunken Master 2" (or "Legend Of Drunken Master" as it was named when it was released here years after it's original release in China) and "Fist Of Legend" are 2 of my favorite action films of all time. We've always dreamed of one day seeing the stars of those two films appear together and although the Chinese film industry wouldn't allow it due to contractual obligations, in the US those rules don't apply. Henceforth this film is like seeing Ali fight Tyson. Awesomeness is sure to ensue. Not guaranteed, though because the main character looks mighty out of place in this environment but as long as Jackie & Jet are there, that's all that matters for me. Hopefully, at worst, it'll be decent. At best....the Shangri-la team-up I've been dreaming of!


Candyland said...

We are SO there! Thanks for the head's up--hadn't hit my radar yet.

And congrats on speaking the word on your podcasts.

Adrian said...

Jackie Chan is awesome -- Jet Li, not so much. His movies have too much cgi in the fighting scenes, the movies he does are kind of corny and he's not a great actor. Just about the only thing he could do to get me to watch another movie of his is star in it with Jackie Chan, who has indeed been monumental in Drunken Master.

I'm not saying Jackie Chan's movies are not corny either but I honestly don't think the two can be compared, because Jackie Chan is quick as hell and funny too during those action scenes. The creativity of his fight scenes were mind blowing when I watched them so many years ago.