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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Valley Goods!: Hyperactive Studios

In an effort to help bring local filmmakers into the limelight, I've decided to begin the Valley Goods! series here on the blog. For our first entry we have Hyperactive Studios. The other day I was surfing the net and I ran across a news story on local station KSEE 24 about a local trio of filmmakers and they showed some clips from the Hyperactive Studios team. And they looked really effin' cool. SFX heavy, this crew really created some impressive stuff and from a technical standpoint, by far some the best looking examples of filmmaking I've seen come out of the Valley and if you check out the video posted up there, you can see why. Hyperactive Studios is a consortium of some fine creatives which include Matt Sconce, a local filmmaker and director of Stricken, producer Jennifer Tadlock, an industry professional who has directed 4 feature films, and rounding out the team is Mark Aro, VFX veteran with 15 years of experience in the field and has done work for Vivendi Universal. Between the trio, I'm sure they'll be harvesting some gold that'll make our eye balls bleed with blood (to be added in post, no doubt). Check out Sconce's award winning film Stricken and if you head over to his You Tube channel, you can see all of his other films and shorts and along with some stuff from Hyperactive Studios. Where are the links? They're right here, sirs! Nyup!

Hyperactive Studios

Matt Sconce You Tube Channel

Stricken Official Site

If your a filmmaker from the Central Valley and you have some stuff that you'd like to showcase here for our Valley Goods! series, please shoot me an email at or just contact us here and we'll get your stuff on. If you already have your stuff up on the web, even better! We can't promise much but we are trying to build a more tight knit filmmaking community here in town (and maybe get to know each others names) so send me your stuff so we can spread the word and build up the scene here in our fair valley.

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