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Friday, February 1, 2008

Del Toro to direct "The Hobbit" films

Yup, although it's been rumored for a while now, IGN is reporting (via The Guardian) the the announcement has been made official during the French premier of "The Orphanage," of which Del Toro was Executive Producer. He sure love his monster movie's and it's good to see that he's sticking to what he loves and that Peter Jackson & company are handing over the reigns. Now, to see what Memo can come up with the power of WETA fueling his imagination..... Check out the original Guardian story here. Viva Mexico, Cabrones!

P.S.— Not planning on watching that little football game this Sunday? Your dumb. You should if only to see the new Iron Man trailer. Should be all kinds of nut-busting-ness in that one.

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