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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The DUmb is born! Listen to our podcast today!

Sure, we're not the first in town to do it but we're throwing our ring into the hat (yup, like that) and have given birth to "The DUmb," our very first podcast, which you can download here. On our inaugural dealie-o we talk about Indiana Jones, Hollywood visiting Fresno, the filmmaker community here in town and maybe some smack on Ray Arthur? Nope, just creative criticism.

My guest this week were:
• Robert Anaforian - creator,
• Adrian Rodriguez - creator/publisher,
• Martinez - professional internets jockey

Also, listen for my dog to demand to be fed in the middle of the operation! Ah, the authenticity of DIY podcasting, baby! Check it out and let us know what you think! Any and all comments are welcome. And if your interested in joining us for a round, please let me know. Drop me an email or leave me a comment if your interested! A warning: The language used in this podcast is NSFW so wear some headphones so you don't get sent to HR. If your cool with that, download here & enjoy!

1 comment:

Bryan Harley said...

Good stuff man! We should discuss things and more this weekend, I'll be in town.