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Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome to the wonderful world of podcasts

UPDATE: The podcast is now up on and you can listen to it here or download the MP3 here!

Well, we still don't have on for this site but it is on my to do list but for the mean time, you can scope out this weekend to hold you over until then. I was involved in recording a podcast this week for the local news site and it's done and ready to be released into the wild this weekend sometime. On it, you can catch:

Adrian Rodriguez, founder/creator of "Late Update"

John Rios, local artist & creator of "Dead Days"

Aaron Wall, lead singer of local band "40 Watt Hype"

And of course, myself. We talk about various subjects......well, not really. Mainly just about Fresno and....yeah, that's pretty much it. Check it out and grab a little insight into the minds of some REAL Fresno creatives......and myself as the bumbling sidekick. So in the mean time, just stay home this weekend. Don't go out cause you'll probably just end up getting pepper sprayed by some trigger happy security guard anyways :) Keep checking out the site for the transmission!


lou said...

congrats, your gettin exposure!! keep it goin sir.

lou said...

uhh.. sorry 'bout last night.... fukken buh-lligerent.... fuhk...

Bryan Harley said...

I greatly enjoyed this. Good talk.

You guys need a better mic(s) though. Too reverb-y.