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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dem Trailers—Vol. 1

Another week, another trailer so we're going to start showcasing the best of the best here and this week, we've got some good stuff.

Step Brother
Not a massive Will Ferrell fan has worked out well for me. Yeah, he's good and when he's on top of his game (Anchorman), the man can be funny as all hell. But I thought the best part of Talladega Nights was John C. Reilly so it pleases me much to see the two reunite to make this film. You can check the trailer out here.

Get Smart
Man, I used to love the original shit back in the days. I was a part of my daily intake right along with I Love Lucy & Price Is Right. The casting of Steve Carell was brilliant and I can never say no to Anne Hathaway. Throw in The Rock and Azamat from Borat and we got ourselves a winner. But being a TV remake, odds are that it's gonna suck. Preying on nostalgia rarely works but I still have hopes that the cast can pull this off. Fingers crossed, suckas! Check out the trailer here!

Iron Man
What can I say? Being an admitted Iron Man fanboy this movie will make a happy child outta me even if it treads onto Ang Lee's "Hulk" territory. I'm just wondering if we're going to get to see a drunk Tony Stark getting a FUI (Flying Under The Influence). Check out the HD trailer that made me smile ear-to-fucken-ear here! Or watch the embedded version here:
Iron Man Exclusive Trailer
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Sex And The City
My SATC intake has mainly been from edited episodes on TBS and I can't help to wonder if I'd watched the unedited versions of the show (of which I've only watched around 6 or so) first I'd be a bigger fan. Another thing is that the stars of the show just all seem to remind me of different grade school teachers of mine and I just can't get past that (except for Charlotte...Mmmmm, yummy!). But from the few episodes I have watched unedited....not too bad, honestly. Still kinda weird to see my 6th grade teacher talk about blowjobs and anal sex, though. Check out the trailer here!

Yup that's it.....okay one more. This past weekend I attended Wondercon up in San Francisco and was able to see some very cool shit. One of those was an early trailer for the upcoming "X-Files" movie which will be released later this year (I love me some X-Files!). They asked for no one to record or take pictures of it. Someone in the crowd didn't listen. See it here in Ultra-Grainy Vision!

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