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Thursday, February 21, 2008

TETSUOOOOO!! Live action Akira coming 2009

Akira. If you haven't seen it, stop wasting your time reading this and go buy it or ask me to let you borrow it. Okay, now that your back from asking me to borrow it (you cheap bastards) a little background on the film. Katsuhiro Otomo's masterpiece has been one of the most influential..... fuck that term is over used. Lets say "important" instead. But for me it has been influential. The scene you see above has been the core for some of my writings and even our short film "An Inch Or A Mile." One of the most important films in the 80's, you look at it now and the animation still stands out among the sea of CG features. And now, Hollywood has decided to turn it into a live action film. This project has been bouncing around La La Land for a while now but the difference is that Leonardo Di-Crapio is attached to this one and rumors are he might star in it as well. Hmmmm, maybe that "Di-Crapio" line is a bit harsh a merely a remnant of every single female I know having had a crush on him during his "Titanic" days. He's a skilled actor and if he does go ahead with starring in it, I hope he does the material justice. Oh, an expect the film narrative to follow the manga more so than the animated film did. Mmmm....can't wait!

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