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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yahtzee, MF'ers!! Video game reviews for adults

Zero Punctuation is the name of Mr. Yahtzee's weekly video game review for "The Escapist" magazine based out of Australia. I've been watching his reviews for a while now and although they've mostly been him meat waffling a game in the prose of the Micro Machines guy from those commercials in the 80's (hence the name Zero Punctuation) he manages to not sound trite and keeps stuff fresh most of the time. Watch one of his reviews and judge for yourself. I wonder if there will ever be a game where he doesn't talk shit on, though? We came close a couple of times (if you like this Resident Evil one then you must go through his archive for past reviews) but he just seems like that one asshole coach that was never satisfied. But then again, how funny would a love letter from this guy be, right? The Zero Punctuation blog can be found here! Oh, and I might add that by adult, I mean exactly that. The language and images are NSFW so consider yourself warned and slap those headphones on, ya prude!

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