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Monday, January 14, 2008

Movin' on up!

To the north side. Soon, I'll be a member of the Riverpark community when we move in to our new apartment located not far from it and all its awesomeness. Kinda no sure about it yet: Excited, yes. But a bit unsure of how long I can before I'm found taking those River-punks out with a sniper rifle. Meh, as long as I don't start talking like this...

....then it'll be all good. I'll miss the random police shakedowns and drunken people in my car port (although that stat might go up on that side of town) but now I can spend endless hours at Barnes & Noble without buying a damn thing! Thanks to Morales for that TOTALLY TUBULAR clip!

Now it's time for some quick movie reviews:

Godfather II — 4 Stars
Finally sat down and watched this film in a single sitting. Does it live up to the hype? Well, yes and no. I remember my parents watching these movies like twice a year and they always talked about them like they were the new coming of Jesus but I never watched them. Then they saw Part 3 and they were SO disappointed. I bought the DVDs when they were first released about 5 years ago but never sat down and watched them. Just last year, I saw Part 1 and this weekend was my date with Part 2. I thought it was a great film, don't get me wrong but it's kind of hard for me to appreciate the film some 30 years after it was released. At the time it was released, I'm sure it was the best thing ever and it still holds up real good and better than 95% of the crap that Hollywood releases every year. But I think you wait another 30 years and ask this generation (with no clue of this list) what the 100 greatest films ever are and that list will totally be different. My kids are not gonna find "Clerks" as funny as I do, that's for sure. But still, it was a great film and I look forward to see just how bad Part 3 really is.

Juno — 3.5 Stars
Great film. Dialogue, acting, direction. All good. I'm sure you all have heard of this movie by now. It was kinda distracting to see Shadowcat, J.K. Jameson & Electra sitting around discussing babies but that's just the comic book nerd in me See this now!

I Heart Huckabee's — 3 Stars

Hmmmm....still pondering this one....which is good! I mean, it really gets your brain going, issuing you a challenge like a sudoku puzzle for your existence. It might come of as a bit pretentious (Oh, David O. Russell, you) but if you want to sit and process it all, it can leave you a bit overwhelmed. Fun stuff!

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