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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Steadicamin' in the news!

After my trip to Me-Jee-Co, I came back to a United States to semi-sane drivers, Mountain Dew and an assassinated former prime minister (RIP Benazir Bhutto). Quick to wanna get some movie time, my fiance and I went to the local cineplex to catch "Atonement", the new film from Joe Wright starring Keira Knightley & James McAvoy. While watching that film (among some fucking 40 year old cunts who couldn't shut the fuck up about the word "Cunt" being used in the film and began giggling like some teenagers watching "The Miracle Of Life" for the first time) I noticed that there was a very long, very nicely textured steadicam shot that lasted what seemed like forever. 5 and a half minutes, according to this article. Weird to see such an article running as a mainstream story but it's cool to see that it got recognized. Although I thought the shot wasn't as good and groundbreaking as the one Cuaron did in "Children Of Men" of which you can catch the making of here:

Still, there are plenty of other films (as mentioned in the article) that have had stunning shots like these and to just think about the steadicam operators that have to endure with walking around with all that equipment to get the shots....amazing to me, it's truly an art form and those guys deserve every penny they earn!


Adrian said...

Feel free to delete this otherwise unrelated comment, but "fiance" refers to a man getting married, while "fiancee" is referring to a woman.

Then again I'm not sure what went down in Mexico...

lou said...

how DOES one become a steadicam op?? and what do they earn?? eh! thanks for comin over last night, my daughter asks if we can go visit you guys sometime, to see J of course, hafta break it to her that he's in LA