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Monday, January 21, 2008

Possible future First Lady easy on the eyes

Me & Elizabeth Kucinich...yeah, she looks very nice in person, too. I was enjoying a final session with Masa-san over at Kame since he has decided to shut down the restaurant due to slow business. While we sat there, discussing the fact that the Kucinich clan was meeting at a Denny's somewhere here in our fair city, in walked the redhead lady in red. The odds, right? Anyways, after she finished her dinner and was leaving I asked if she'd be willing to take a picture with me and she said yes. Very nice lady, had a quick conversation with all of us at the table. Although it's highly doubtful that here husband will win the Democratic Nomination, I wished her luck on the campaign trail and off she went. You know what that means? That's like 3 degrees of separation between me and Colbert! Read Late Update for more detailed info on what the Kucinich clan did & will be doing here in Fresno this week.

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