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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jan. 08: Month of the uber-nerd!!

Since I forgot to mention it in my first post of the year, happy New Year everyone! It's that time where people say "This year is gonna be different. This year will be the defining year for ME!" and of course, it ends up being the same shit. Well, you know what else it also means? MACWORLD, BABY! And what's that? Is that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) I hear down in Vegas? What the hell? Detroit Auto Show, as well?! January is really busy and all types of cool, nerdy shit is flowing out of every orifice. 3 mm (yes, MM) thick TVs, updated Apple computers that I will dream about for a couple of weeks (Diana...hope your reading this *hint,hint*), super dope cars......and still no money. Maybe I have to become a stripper and pen a box office smash (which I still have yet to see, unfortunately), like she did or sue the government for a quadrillion dollars like this person. That's it....this year will be the year that I say next year, I'll be having enough cash flow to be able to look at these big three January shows and say "Fuck it! Give me 2 of each and burn the second one!" But for now, I'll simply be stuck on the outside looking in as I rub my hands in menacing fashion, waiting to strike.

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