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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A week off to fulfill my civic duty

For the past week or so, I've been involved in the awesome judicial process when I was selected to serve as a juror on a case. As you might know, during the trial, we are not allowed to speak to anyone about the case. Spouse, friends, not even my dog could hear what was going on with the case. That ended yesterday when we all came to agreement on the matter. So now that it's over, I can get back to my regular scheduled program. So what's been going on besides a certain local blog hijacking one of my stories/videos? It's cool, though. I got about 10 days on them anyways. Plus, nobody reads my shit. ANYHOO, lets get the show back on the road!


Bryan Harley said...

Yeah I saw that, they stole the thing that you said that I told you about.

... bastards!

roQue said...

Fo real! This is kinda like the "Colbert/ O'Brien" battle....

lou said...

colbert/ o'brien battle??