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Friday, October 19, 2007

RZA Makes More Beautiful Music

Step 1: Even if you've already heard it, just press play.

Step 2: So you like? I'm sure some of you won't, but listen to RZA spit about how the song came to.

Did that 2nd video change your perspective of the original song? Good back and really listen to it again, I'll Aight, now ask yourself this question (hope you like asking yourself questions): At what point does something become art? I mean Roger Ebert refuses to acknowledge video games as an art form all while the hundreds of graphic designers, animators, illustrators and art directors that the industry supports are making a good living doing what they do best: being artistic. I guess that poses another question: What defines a piece of art? Is it some guys Virgin Mary painting made out of shit? Is that any less art than the poster promoting an upcoming concert at the Fillmore? I don't know, just seeing that just a little bit of thought was put behind making the music speaks volumes to me, especially when we live in these "pimpin" days where everything is pushed along by the bottom line. I guess the Clan was right on target with C.R.E.A.M.: Cash really does rule everything around us. Almost. Fortunately, RZA wasn't listening to his own message.


Robert said...

Ah, Bobby is at it again. That track is dope man. It's interesting to hear him talk, after you translate the mush mouth and figure out what he's sayin. But yeah, the definition of art is limited, as narrow as the ones defining it. What about Comics as literature? Film as story? Graffiti as visual art?

PartyMarty said...

Damn, it's amazing how much thought and work he put into making that one track. I already love RZA's work, but this really makes me appreciate his music that much more. Pretty cool video, thanks for posting it. RZA should have been "The Genius".

I thought that was funny how he answered his phone call w/ "Peace", that's how you END a phone call. Silly RZA.