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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Festival Update & Misc. Info

After the marathon that was "An Inch Or A Mile" (AIOAM) I've been taking it a bit easy. Between Halo 3 (yeah, I'm still not online) and general "resting" I've recently started plotting my next screenplay. No, it's not "Blur" but rather just a side project that I don't plan to tackle for a while, just an idea that's been brewing. But I got an email this morning announcing that the 1st Annual Latino Film Festival was pushed back to Nov. 2nd-4th so make sure to mark the dates, because with the email about the date change came word that our little project was accepted and will be shown at the festival (hence the exploding head up there)!!
So that's great news! Don't know the exact date and time but as soon as I hear anything, I will update here. So while you wait for that, please mosey on over to One Picture's Worth, a new site set up by my close friend and co-writer of AIOAM Robert Anaforian. Quick overview: Submit a picture and he writes a short about it. "Impossible," you say? Shit, try it out! I mean, to take something a picture that you'd soon pass right over in your pile of pics and have an story fleshed from it......yeah, that sounds cool to me. My man's got the skills so start submitting and see what you can extrapolate from your mundane pics!


Rob said...

Best news of the day! AIOAM is gonna tear that mofo up. I think it's a pretty slick piece myself, from a completely unbiased and neutral standpoint, of course. Thanks for spreadin the word man, and we'll see whattup with this ish in the Nov.

d-ward said...

I agree best news of the day. post the time and date and i will try to make it. congrats man. you da the shit. ill buy a few drinks to celebrate and catch up. peace

Bryan Harley said...

Nice! Yes, keep me informed about the date and time. I definitely wanna be there.