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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fresno creatives get together to talk film, misspell names

This past Sat. was not only the day to get drunk while dressed up like your favorite fictional character, but it was also a day of reckoning for the film community here in Fresno. The Fresno Filmmaker Forum took place in downtown Fresno early in the morning as although it started off a bit much like a city council meeting with people yelling out ideas as the speaker tried to keep up with all the spewage, it suddenly turned into a good meeting of people and ideas. Ray Arthur, the Fresno Film Commissioner was present and that lent a aire of authenticity and that was important. To see that the city is going to actually take an active role in not only courting Hollywood but maybe, just maybe, we can nurture and cultivate our own productions & filmmakers. Although my name was misspelled on my name tag that I paid $12 for (weird...that was the first time ever that has happened), overall it was a good experience. "So what else happened?" you might ask. Well, I had to take off to get my Thor costume ready for the night's festivities. But something tells me that this won't be the last forum held simply due to the sheer amount of people that showed up and really showed an interest in creating something from nothing. Keep an eye on the Fresno Filmmaker Forum website and this very blog for future events!


Anonymous said...


We spelled 13 of the 14 letters of your names correctly. I figure we owe you $ .83! Thanks for joining us.

Ray Arthur

Adrian said...

Hey at least they didn't spell your last name incorrectly, which happens often. It would have been funny too... to have it say "Rogue Rodriquez."

I don't know, maybe you need to work on how you write your Qs and your Gs anyway, because they could look the same... not sure. Post a scan of your signature and let's see! Also post your social security number and drivers license, just in case it's not enough proof. I already have your bank account numbers so don't worry about posting that.

Entandem said...

Thanks for joining us on Saturday. It was great to see so many interested people - it made my little "dream" to get local filmmakers together really happen. Now, onto the next step!
Let me know how your little project is working out! I'm starting on project #2 - a real life feature!

Christine Autrand Mitchell
Entandem Productions and FFF

Adrian said...


Would that happen to be the documentary, Fresno? Cool! I wrote about it on my site... actually I basically posted the video and information about it. I wonder if you have seen it? I'd love to get more details and revise the post I had in order for people to get a sense of what this docu is supposed to be all about!

Do a search for fresno documentary and you should find it.

Roq, post some more movie clips! Actually I'll extend the same offer to you -- I want to write about Blur too...

Robert said...

Ah, wish I coulda made it there too. Stupid house decorating/cleaning etc. Next time, my good man, next time I'll be there. And I actually extend an invitation to butcher my name. It makes me feel silly and sexy.