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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Goodness: Wanna see the $35 a ticket movie theater

We had talked about this numerous times both here and on our podcast: Would the Fresno film crowd support a premium movie theater experience that would run you $35 a ticket? Well MSNBC has found one of those said theaters in Chicago and did this little report from the place. As for local supporting something like this here, I guess it would totally depend on the films screening at said theater (I doubt Hollywood Chihuahua would be shown here) and the prices of the drinks and food. I mean, if this is gonna be strictly a high end place where the norm is spending $120 for a night at the movies, then maybe not. Those seats do look pretty bad ass plus the button to call a waiter over to bring you another Caribou Lou as you enjoy Iron Man 2? Priceless. So you think you would be all for this kind of theater experience here in town or is it too much for Fresno? Maybe a more scaled down version? Let us know your thoughts!

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