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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nintendo announces new DSi; releases in U.S. next year

If you were thinking about buying yerself or a loved one a Nintendo DS anytime soon, you might want to hold off. Late last night, the money infused company announced an update to the stupidly popular portable gaming device in the DSi. Yup, just add an "i" to the end of it. And what do you get with that "i"? Well, you get a case design that is 12% thinner, bigger screens and here's the cool part: two cameras! Yup, not one but 2! "Now what would I need 2 cameras on a device like this?" is what I asked right before I slapped myself and said "More is less, stupid! They'll surely find use for it!" And the possibility of wi-fi video conferencing on my DSi became a prime selling point for me, if just for coolness factor. Wish my iPhone could do that. Unfortunately, the DSi won't be available here in the States until next year (you can always import one from Japan when they go on sale over there in November for around $180) but keep this in mind this holiday season: they're selling you last years model now, sun! Check out Engadget here for more details, pics & even a gameplay video.

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