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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jumping back on the stencil train

A long time ago, a couple of friends and I decided to make stencils to paster our images around town, a sort of competition to see who could get there art around the city without getting caught (I guess that's every graf artists M.O. but I'm far from one). Well, at that time, I was very much enamored of a certain Michelle Rodriguez (laugh all you want but back then, she was an up and comer with potential and I was rooting for her). Hence, the stencil I created as you can see above. Well, as far as our friendly competition, it never happened. The only thing I ever used the stencil was on a white box I bought at the Uhaul store when I moved from my old apartment and that box has been chilling next to my desk at home. Recently, I've been wanting to get into my roots but I wasn't very sure about how. Should I bone up my drawing skills? Naw, I suck. How about painting? I mean, Bob Ross could do it, why not me? And then one night I was looking for something around my pile of shit and there was Michelle staring right back at me. She's fallen off my radar these days but I remember making that stencil and the fun I had doing it. And so that image up there was born: a 14x18 canvas board with a little accent added, just to test. Easy and fun! Here are some sites if your interested and this art form and be scared to try it yourself....just remember that tagging stuff that isn't yours is illegal and shouldn't be done....EVER! Now that that's out of the way....anyone up for a friendly competition?

Street Art
- What Wikipedia has to say about the art form.

- Further proof that if we were to get the worlds graphic artists into a battle royale, the UK would undoubtedly defeat everyone else.

Stencil Revolution
- A good source for ideas and examples of existing stencils and awesome tutorials.

Stencil Tutorial
- Pretty much says it all. A beginners guide to create your own stencils in Photoshop

Stencil Street Art
- Another good gallery

Stencil Archive - Yet another archive

Stencil Nation's Fickr Account
- Swear this is the last one! Check it out!

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