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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blur Teaser v2.0

Fast and furious. No not the production of Blur, rather these last couple of weeks. We're working to get a short shot (huh?) in about a week or two of total production (from concept to final) for the local Latino Film Festival held at The Fresno Art Museum next month. In the mean time, I had some free time this weekend and wanted to mess around with this trailer. Sounds horrible but just to get a look. Also, as you can tell, I've made it all black & white....and I think it looks nice! Most of the film will be shot at night so that will help as well. Maybe we should do the film like this? What do you guys think? Check it out here or here. Or just watch it here. Let us know what you think!

NEW Blur Teaser Trailer

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Looks really good in black and white. Diggin this trailer much more than the old one. I like my clips from the V2.

Adrian said...

Cool, nice and short so it doesn't waste time to get the point across.

But where's the movie title and "coming soon" thing at the end? After all that, it should fade in, saying "blur. Spring 2008" or whatever.

This one is a definite improvement, I can see what you're going for now, and I think you should stick with the underground, possibly black and white vibe when the movie is edited as well.

Cool shots of d/t and the memorial building too.

lou said...

definitely toighter, toighter like a toiger....rawr... constucive crit guy says, no audio fades, or do I have bad ears/ was it intentional

joseph hollak said...

Lots of pushes and pulls (zooms) - also never more than one character on the screen at once.

Why isn't anyone interacting? Do they know each in the film?

Where's the cars and barely dressed girls?

Give me 'R' rating material.