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Monday, July 2, 2007

Downtown: Can it be revived?

I'm fucken tired of this issue already. No one seems to care about downtown anymore and although it was all that our local politicians could talk about a couple of years ago, not much action has taken place. Poor Reza has his lofts going and I wish him the best with that venture but it seems like Autry and his gang have left him hanging with the whole matter. Housing is a good start but without further development, it's gonna be hard to convince people to live down there. But that's just me, maybe I don't know. Perhaps I'm just talking out my ass but I thought that people were really going to try to change things and build up. But nothing after what seems like forever. Oh well. One of the initial reasons I started to write "Blur" was to showcase downtown Fresno. I wanted it another character in my film. The stage for the actors. As I worked through the script over the years, it became central to many scenes and the centerstage for the climactic finale. It's sad that a ANY city's downtown is so similar to the dead of night that is found out in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. Downtown Fresno is just like the track of yesteryear only without all the people. That's a horrible state for the city.


Robert said...

That clown should sell those lofts out, make bank, and GTFO. If they were being sold, I'd be all over that, but targeting artists? That's cute, very downtown and all, but guess what: You're going to have a bunch of potheads who are late on their rent, get evicted because they're too "Artsy" to hold down a job, and the place will go to shit, mark my words.

lou said...

one positive is that aboot 230 irs employees are gonna be moving to the civic center building. More jobs downtown will mean more $$ for downtown businesses but mostly during bus hours. Unless some of them move into the area.