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Monday, June 11, 2007

Can you just give me my paychecks in Apple Store credit?

So Fresno finally got an Apple Store. No longer must we put up with the shitty customer service over at the retail chains and the other local "specialty" Apple stores. Although the Bee news article paints me as the "I'll do anything for a free T-Shirt" guy, my favorite part was my quote. As you could guess, my girlfriend was non to pleased by that one. I didn't go get in line, but I did go in the first day. Very nice looking store with the noob employees in your face every 10 seconds trying to answer any questions you might have. Finally, a local Mecca for all the nerds. So if any of you out there got an extra shirt, kick down.


lou said...

get over it lady di!! a mans fixation on electronic devices is no crime.
U savin up? cuz I need an I-phone and fathers day is comin up!!!!!

Robert said...

Your photoshop skills pwn me.