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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free film school!

Sometimes I wonder "Should I have gone to film school?" After reading Robert Rodriguez' A Rebel Without A Crew, I knew film school wasn't for me. I mean, I was....shit, I AM a product of higher education. Now, don't get me wrong: College is important. I mean, one needs the discipline in order to learn the basics of whatever field you decide life is telling you to go in. Nurses, accountants, engineers: their fields are based on these basics and they never change. But an art-based field such as graphic design, film...that's a bit more organic (shit, I sound like a hippie, don't I?). You develop a style, a sense of working. You never hear about a surgeon who has his own style of doing open heart surgery, right? (Except for House....that foo is CrAzY!) That's the reason I wouldn't go back to school as a filmmaker. Instead, I plan on watching people make mistakes and learning what little I can learn from the Fox network. I'm talking about "On The Lot." Now I hardly ever watch TV, much less reality TV. But I've been really wanting to see this show and after the first episode, I'm hooked. I love to see these "creatives" butte heads as they try to find a solution as to how to light a scene. Fucken hilarious. It's great to see the gears turning in the contestants heads. So if you want an education in film, read Robert's book, rent some of your favorite films to see what you should do. And see this show to learn what to not do.


PartyMarty said...

I saw part of that episode last night. I thought it was funny how that one queer was like "Oh my god, he is SOOOOO bossy!" He got pwned by the dude in the LA baseball cap.

lou said..."gotta watch it, im getting dish, maybe, on sunday and will tivo that show fershure man. link me fool i will reciprocate!! excelsiorz"

lou said...

hey mann link to my blog its @